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Winter Lander !
aaaislove asked: Wow! I LOVED reading your report!!! I'm attempting to get tickets for their 7.12 concert! how did you get your tickets? Also, if you got them through auction did you have any problems with someone else's name being on the tickets or they don't check anything like that? I was reading somewhere that there's a difference between ready to buy tickets and ones that you won't be able to use, so I was wondering if they were strict!? Thank you!!!!

Hello ! :)

Except from auctions, it’s maybe quite late to get tickets for July but in my case, no, I didn’t get it from it. I asked someone to buy me one from e+ or something like this I think. You can find them on facebook, No country for tall men, I think my post about it is still on this blog, take a look ;)

And they aren’t very strict (in Hiroshima though), I just showed my ticket, they took off the little part with few informations and I was in ! No name on my ticket so I don’t know if it was everybody the same.

If you have more questions, don’t hesitate ! =)

AAA ARENA TOUR 2014 -Gold Symphony- in Hiroshima 21.06


As I told before on this blog, I bought a ticket to see AAA live in Hiroshima and it was yesterday so to share my dream, I’ll post few things here ( ノ^ω^)ノ゚

☆ It has to be said that Nissy is the most popular member. From what I’ve seen, the crowd wore a lot of orange goodies/clothes. According to the colors the fan were sporting and the lights in the crowd during the concert, colors can be ranged like this : orange - blue - red - purple - yellow - green - pink (very few pink ! Poor Shuta).

☆ About the concert, it started with a little introduction in english telling the theme of the concert. But because of the screams I didn’t understand a lot. Just that “nowadays, with pollution and vices, human isn’t good. But one found a way to make it better, and this solution is called Gold Symphony. With it, one created better humans”. After this introduction, these better humans were presented and of course, it was AAA. So much screams when huge pictures of them were shown on the screen ! (I admit I did too…)

☆ Here’s the tracklist (and other things) and the way the room was organised :

  1. CALL
  2. Paradise
  3. Makenai Kokoro
  4. MASK
  5. MUSIC!
  6. Crazy Gonna Crazy
  7. clothes change
  8. Miss You (intro by Mitsuhiro playing piano)
  9. Aitai Riyuu
  10. Find You/Hide&Seek medley
  11. Koi oto to amazora
  12. clothes change
  14. Wonderland
  15. Talk
  16. Wonderful Life
  17. Party It Up! (intro by Shuta beatboxing)
  18. Niji
  19. clothes change
  20. We Are!
  21. Wake Up
  22. Talk
  23. I4U/Sunshine
  24. 777
  25. Hurricane Riri, Boston Mari
  26. Love
  27. Ending talk


☆ Their first outfit is white and gold. The second one black and red. The third one with flowers. The last one with the official shirt and various clothes. I’ll post drawings of outfits I remember later.

☆ During CRAZY GONNA CRAZY, they went on some kind of chariots among the crowd to say hello. It was awesome to see them waving at you, even though they certainly didn’t see you (you poor thing in the background…). We sang “Nissy” “Unochan” “Shuta” as always.

☆ When they first talked, Shuta said that because of the heat, his trousers was sticking to his butt lol. And one by one, when the others were speaking they were going to get water, and when it was Nissy's turn, he went behind Shinjiro and just let his head appeared in order to be creepy. So much fun !

☆ For the second speech, Nissy was trying to be funny and so he decided to give to the members knew names according to their outfits. And he made fun of them too. Unfortunately I didn’t understand everything. But he said to Shinjiro something like "Oh ! Your glasses are blue (his official color) but your heart is red ! You should be named Akai Shinjiro !" (akai = red). He joked about Misako's skirt, Naoya's overalls and Chiaki's skirt pattern (didn't understand for Shuta and Mitsuhiro). For Chiaki, he couldn’t find anything to say with her name, so the others laughed at him. Finally, they said he should try with his own name too. So because he wore yellow shows, he said something about being called "Nishijima Takakiiro" (kiiro = yellow).

☆ Don’t remember during which speech, but one moment Nissy called Naoya “Naochan” and Urapapa answered by saying he didn’t like this surname. So to be nice, Misako later called him "Naoya" but she said it with a harsh tone as if she was scolding him. The others laughed and she felt so shy, poor girl ! Because it was funny, they started a scolding game, trying not to laugh. Chiaki was so cute because she always had a smile on her face and laughed.

☆ Later, Nissy was being silly and Naoya went to say something in Misako's ear. A few moment later, she said "Nishijima !" with the same tone as before, and they all laughed. Nissy answered "Huh ? Uno ?". But it didn’t stop him to do silly things and grimaces during the show.

☆ During Hurricane Riri Boston Mari, Shuta fell I don’t know how, but he was litterally rolling on the floor laughing after this and couldn’t get up.

Shinjiro made a mistake and went at the wrong place during a song (can’t remember which one) and Mitsuhiro or Shuta went to look for him, laughing.

☆ When Shuta sang at the end (maybe for Sunshine ?), Mitsuhiro went to touch his clothes or his mic, I don’t know, but Shuta stopped to sing and told him to leave him alone. They left the stage laughing.

☆ During We are!, they were in line and Misako was between Naoya & Nissy, and they went towards her to make like a hug-sandwich. She was surprised and laughed. It was cute !

☆ For 777, they went back on the chariots to throw colored balls signed by them. Unfortunately I was too far to get one ( ;´Д`)

☆ Random, I’ll say that from what I’ve seen, Shinjiro is the one who did fanservice the most, followed by Mitsuhiro/Nissy. - that Chiaki is a ray of sunshine, what a pretty girl ! - Misako is better in live than I expected - Naoya is really funny and is always telling jokes - Shuta can’t stop dancing, even on slow songs - I’ve noticed a lot of Misako/Naoya, Nissy/Mitsuhiro, Chiaki/everyone (this girl is so precious).

☆ And at the end of the show, they gave us free cans of Joma, the energy drink for which they danced and which they promote. It was disgusting, I swear ! But effective : I drank it at 9PM and at 3AM I was still awake and ready to party lol ヽ(○´∀`)ノ♪

do not repost without credits, reblog it instead. Thank you.

AAA ARENA TOUR 2014 -Gold Symphony- (2014.06.21 - 広島)


Favourite moments from Wake Up!
【You Know-UNONU-】
Hello !
Once again, a quick personal message. Sorry (ー△ー;)
So, I'm going to AAA's concert at Hiroshima on the 21st of June and I would like to
know if some of you are going too ? Because it would be awesome to meet other fans
at this event ! Or if you know people who are going to it, please let me know !
Spread this message please, I don't want to enjoy this alone (ノ´д`)
おねがいします (ノ≧∀≦)ノ
Hello !

Once again, a quick personal message. Sorry (ー△ー;)

So, I'm going to AAA's concert at Hiroshima on the 21st of June and I would like to know if some of you are going too ? Because it would be awesome to meet other fans at this event ! Or if you know people who are going to it, please let me know ! Spread this message please, I don't want to enjoy this alone (ノ´д`)

おねがいします (ノ≧∀≦)ノ

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